The Simplest Way to Get Better


Today I read a blog post from James Clear called The Power of Less.  He talked about how he has simplified and removed the extra fluff from his website and other areas of his life.  Each time he has removed the non-essential, the essential has improved.

“It was a commitment to mastering the fundamentals, not the details, that made the difference”

“The simplest way to get better is to eliminate your distractions.”

“Decide what is really important to you and eliminate the rest.”

How can I apply this to marketing and my journey to become excellent marketer?  For one, it applies to the first Profit Activator which is to select a single target market?  It seems fun to get really good at serving one target market, to become their “hero” and to make a lot of money in the process.  Also, with my education I want to focus in on a few areas of marketing and get very good at them as opposed to hopping from one tactic to the next.