Starting a Business

For some reason today I had a strong feeling that I want to start a business.  Not immediately, but I am going to start working towards that goal.  I don’t have a business idea in mind but I have read enough and studied enough to know that owning a business is the route I want to go.  I want to own a business that throws off enough excessive cash flow that I can invest it in real estate.

Owning a business consumes a crazy amount of time but I love the thrill of it.  I have seen it in other business owners that it has a life of its own.  There is adventure and excitement as one builds their business.  There are extreme highs and extreme lows.  I understand all of this but I want to move forward anyway.  This is something I am currently missing in my life.
I am going to start thinking about what kind of business I want to have before I come up with the idea.  I want to create my lifestyle design first and then find a business model that will fit with that design.