Profit Activator #8 – Referring makes you feel good.


Profit Activator #8 Orchestrate referrals by giving your clients the opportunity to feel great.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“The only type of referral that you can control 100% is the orchestrated referral.”

“The biggest adjustment in your thinking is realizing that the real reason people refer is not as a favor to you, but they do it to make themselves feel good.”

“The next step is to realize that all referrals happen as a result of conversation”

“The money-making idea is to be aware of what those “high Probability” conversations are, and make sure that your clients know exactly what to do to introduce you into the conversation.”

Do you like to refer?  I know I do.  I was able to do it just yesterday.  I had met with a vendor who was showing me some software that clients of mine would benefit from.  I really liked the software and knew it could be of help to others.  I got on Skype and connected with a client of mine in Spain and let him know I was going to introduce him to this vendor.  I sent an email to both of them making the introduction.  They set a time to talk later that day and had a great conversation.   It did feel really good to make the referral.  I need to create  a plan to be able to orchestrate these referral moments more often.