Profit Activator #5


Profit Activator #5 – Deliver a “dream come true” experience designed from your client’s perspective.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Profit Activator #5

“Imagine what it would do for your business if half the people that went through your process, that went through your experience, referred somebody else to you before that transaction even ended.”

“That is a powerful experience, if you do that, and you orchestrate that right into the experience, even from the beginning, that your expectation is to deliver such an incredible experience that they’ll want to refer their friends and family, you will get many more referrals.”

“When you wow them, that means they end up with a smile on their face.  They got more than they expected.”

“Why not give them something beyond what they even could imagine?”

“If you want to nurture lifetime relationships and orchestrate referrals, it’s only going to happen if you deliver world-class service after the sale and during the sale, and before, so they have a smile on their face and they tell other people about you.”

This is one of the more difficult Profit Activators for me but what if?  What if we could figure out how to wow our customers so that 50% of them would refer someone to us during the process?  That would make a huge difference in my business.

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