Profit Activator #1 – Select One Target Market


Profit Activator #1 is to select one target market (at a time).  This is so difficult to do for some reason.  I have a tendency to get the “ya but’s” in the mix.  Ya but, I can serve this market as well.  When I start to feel the anxiety of “limiting” myself I realize that I need to stop and slow down and come back to the rule of the first profit activator.

Dean Jackson gives the great example of “It’s like being a pig farmer, versus an albino pig farmer.  Especially if you have a product specifically geared for albino pig farmers.”

“Knowing your most profitable, easiest target audience gives you a complete freedom to focus all of your efforts on a “let’s just get more of the most profitable customers.”

“I’m not suggesting that you limit yourself in any way.  I’m suggesting that you pick one target market, and make dominating that target market your absolute focus.”

So what is your single target market?

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  1. So what is your single target market? well, thanks to this informative article I have downloaded the materials and plan to find out. :) I have been floating around for too long


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