Deliberate Practice


Cal Newport is one of my favorite bloggers (and authors).  I came across his content a couple years ago and have been reading his blog ever since.  Not long ago I read his book So Good They Can’t Ignore You.  I finished it once and then read it again.  The concepts that he teaches strain and stretch my thinking.  He goes against the common touting of the self help gurus to “follow your passion.”

One of the concepts he talks a lot about is deliberate practice.  I love the principle and fully believe in it.   I just read his most recent post.  In it he says, “To ask this question is to ask where in your schedule is the time dedicated to straining yourself (uncomfortably) to master something that you can’t do now but would be valuable if you could.”

I am trying to master the craft of marketing.  Where in my day am I straining myself to master marketing?  I need to dedicate more time to deliberate practice.

The Simplest Way to Get Better


Today I read a blog post from James Clear called The Power of Less.  He talked about how he has simplified and removed the extra fluff from his website and other areas of his life.  Each time he has removed the non-essential, the essential has improved.

“It was a commitment to mastering the fundamentals, not the details, that made the difference”

“The simplest way to get better is to eliminate your distractions.”

“Decide what is really important to you and eliminate the rest.”

How can I apply this to marketing and my journey to become excellent marketer?  For one, it applies to the first Profit Activator which is to select a single target market?  It seems fun to get really good at serving one target market, to become their “hero” and to make a lot of money in the process.  Also, with my education I want to focus in on a few areas of marketing and get very good at them as opposed to hopping from one tactic to the next.

Say what?


I met with my internet marketing mentor today and we went over the basics of creating an ad to drive traffic to a landing page.  There were a whole bunch of new acronyms thrown out such as CPC, CTR, CR, CPA and CPM.  It is a little like learning a new language.  But I am fascinated by it.  I know that the things I am learning are going to be a big part of my business life going forward.  Can’t wait to keep learning and implementing.

Did you learn anything new today?

Deception . . .


I started listening to the book The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin which I purchased from  I don’t know what it is about Seth but he seems to speak directly to me.  It is great that he is also the one narrating the book.  I am only in the first chapter but already he is making me think about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.  I look forward to being able to listen each night before I go to bed.

Selecting a Single Target Market

girl thinking

I finished describing the 8 Profit Activators over the last couple of weeks.  I am going to circle back around now and start implementing them as I am working on my niece’s business.  It is going to be called  You can check out her Facebook page by following this link.

Soleil is a licensed esthetician and lives in Ventura, California.  Ventura is a beautiful little beach side town with a population of about 120,000 people.

So the first question that we need to ask when selecting a single target market is who are you going to serve?  There are a lot of different markets that Soleil could choose.  The largest is everyone in Ventura.  Obviously that needs to be narrowed down because some of the people don’t apply right off, for example kids under the age of 12 probably aren’t her best candidate.  What about men versus women?  What age is ideal?  What income level?  What nationality?  What is the most profitable treatment she could do?  What is the easiest treatment to do?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to narrow it down to one single target market and then speak just to that segment of the population?  It would make the marketing message so much easier.

I will be talking with Soleil over the next few days and we will be digging into these questions to come up with what the first target market will be.  Remember that you don’t have to stay with only that target market.  You just need to pick one, focus and obsess on that one until you have dominated the market and then you can move on to the next target market.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on which one she should choose . . . first.

And remember to go over and like her Facebook page so you can follow along on her progress.

Profit Activator #8 – Referring makes you feel good.


Profit Activator #8 Orchestrate referrals by giving your clients the opportunity to feel great.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“The only type of referral that you can control 100% is the orchestrated referral.”

“The biggest adjustment in your thinking is realizing that the real reason people refer is not as a favor to you, but they do it to make themselves feel good.”

“The next step is to realize that all referrals happen as a result of conversation”

“The money-making idea is to be aware of what those “high Probability” conversations are, and make sure that your clients know exactly what to do to introduce you into the conversation.”

Do you like to refer?  I know I do.  I was able to do it just yesterday.  I had met with a vendor who was showing me some software that clients of mine would benefit from.  I really liked the software and knew it could be of help to others.  I got on Skype and connected with a client of mine in Spain and let him know I was going to introduce him to this vendor.  I sent an email to both of them making the introduction.  They set a time to talk later that day and had a great conversation.   It did feel really good to make the referral.  I need to create  a plan to be able to orchestrate these referral moments more often.

Profit Activator # 7 – Repeat Business Insurance



Profit Activator #7 – Nurture lifetime relationships and focus on lifetime value.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“If you started looking at the lifetime value of somebody the moment you meet them, it will change everything about the way you think about your business.”

“I always use a 20% annual yield from what I call your relationship portfolio.”

“Everybody will refer someone within the next 5 years, or they’ll do another transaction with you, that’s where your after unit is really coming in.”

“Billions of dollars are never generated, never realized, simply because of the neglect or absence of an After Unit in most businesses.”

“So I look at anything you’re doing in your after unit, especially in the nurturing of lifetime relationships as first and foremost really about repeat business insurance.”

I am going to calculate what a 20% yield from my After Unit would look like.

Profit Activator #6

after sale

Profit Activator #6 – Provide after sale service – even after you’ve already been paid.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“When you provide after-sale service, you are now going to be able to reap what you’ve sown in delivering a dream-come-true experience.”

“Nobody has ever followed through.”

“Everything that you do after you’ve already got the money, is so much more impactful because you’re not getting paid to do it.”

“And the sweet spot is when the euphoric feelings of joy and happiness are running through their minds, you have power if you know how to harness and direct it.”

This section has me thinking back on the customer experiences I have had over the past year.   A couple months ago I test drove a Nissan Leaf electric car.  The salesman did send one follow up email a few days later but that was it.  Why aren’t they sending me monthly emails describing how people are enjoying the car.  Or what about YouTube videos of different features of the car?  This is fascinating.  What if we set up a great after-sale system to wow our customers long after they purchased from us?  Hmmm . . . the wheels are turning.