Lifting Others


Tonight we had a house concert.  A friend of mine played and sang an acoustic guitar set to about 20 of us in the living room of one of our friends.  It was fantastic.  He is super talented, connects well with the audience and plays very moving music.  He is starting a campaign next week to raise money for a new album he wants to create.  He will be using local talent and recording studios etc. and a portion of the proceeds will go to a local charity for needy children.  What does this have to do with marketing?  Well, that is what he is missing.  Here is someone who is filled with talent and drive and desire but doesn’t have enough people that know about his craft and his art.  He needs to build a following.  I wish I had the marketing skills already in my tool belt so I could step in and put together strategies to help him build his tribe.  It is hard for me to see good people who I know who could touch the lives of so many people for the better if they knew how to get in front of them.  Yet another reason why I want to master the craft of marketing.