Got fiber?

We recently received Google Fiber in our little town.  Over the last few days the Google Fiber cars with the little bunny on them have been everywhere.  A few things I have noticed.

1.  The installation cars are unique and they have a car wrap that is memorable.  Everyone knows now when a house is getting “Fibered.”  The car is out front with the two cones next to each bumper.

photo 1 (2)

2.  Google Fiber seems to be scheduling to do houses next to one another at the same time so there is more than one car in the area.

photo 2 (2)

3. Google Fiber must be scheduling out neighborhoods at a time to do installs.  Driving down the street I saw four houses being “Fibered.”

In chapter 4 of Robert B. Cialdini’s book “Influence”, he talks about the principle of social proof.  When we see a lot of other people doing something we start to have the “proof” that maybe we should be doing the same thing.  I thought of that as I have seen the Google Fiber cars out en masse.  What are all of my neighbors getting that I’m not getting?  Am I being left out?  I wasn’t planning on getting Google Fiber, but should I now?

Brilliant Google, brilliant!

One thought on “Got fiber?

  1. I and most of my neighbors got fibered and it is awesome.

    Not only do you feel part of the Google family, the googliness is vibin’ all over your house. The instal guys Nikky and Jose were awesome and we felt great being apart of their ‘team’

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