Don’t Fly too Close to the Sun


I finished Icarus Deception by Seth Godin yesterday.  I really enjoyed the book.  Seth isn’t one for giving a road map.  He doesn’t give step by step instructions on how to implement what he is talking about.  He is more about helping us to change our context.  The main take away from the book for me is that we all need to be creating our own “art.”  We need to find our way to contribute to the world, to create and give what we have.  We need to realize that the world has changed.  We are no longer living in the industrial economy but are now in the connection economy.  We have the capacity to add to others and lift them in ways we never had available to us 10 years ago.  It is an exciting time to be alive.

I would give Icarus Deception 4 1/2 stars.  It is one that I will definitely be reading again so that the principles can sink in.