Deliberate Practice


Cal Newport is one of my favorite bloggers (and authors).  I came across his content a couple years ago and have been reading his blog ever since.  Not long ago I read his book So Good They Can’t Ignore You.  I finished it once and then read it again.  The concepts that he teaches strain and stretch my thinking.  He goes against the common touting of the self help gurus to “follow your passion.”

One of the concepts he talks a lot about is deliberate practice.  I love the principle and fully believe in it.   I just read his most recent post.  In it he says, “To ask this question is to ask where in your schedule is the time dedicated to straining yourself (uncomfortably) to master something that you can’t do now but would be valuable if you could.”

I am trying to master the craft of marketing.  Where in my day am I straining myself to master marketing?  I need to dedicate more time to deliberate practice.