Chapter 2 – The Robert Collier Letter Book


Here are some of my favorite quotes from chapter 2.

“Before you put pen to paper . . . decide in your own mind what effect you want to produce on your reader.”

“It is the whole purpose of every business letter . . . to make your reader want to do the thing you are urging upon him.”

“When you come down to it, isn’t the prime requisite arousing the feeling in your reader that he must have the thing you are offering, or that he cannot rest until he has done the thing you are urging him to?

“When it is action you want, go after the emotions every time.”

“And to get action, you need to arouse emotion on the part of your reader.”

“But if you want to sell goods, if you want action of any kind, base your real urge upon some primary emotion!”

The point of tapping into emotion to get people to do things was very eye opening.  A lot of times when I write I try to persuade to the intellect.  I am going to focus more now appealing to the emotions of others.