Chapter 1 – The Robert Collier Letter Book


“What is it about some letters that makes them so much more effective than others?”

This is how chapter one starts out.  I will list some of my favorite quotes from this chapter.

“It’s a matter of bait, that’s all.”

“What bait will they bite on?  What is the bait that will tempt your reader?  How can you tie up the thing you have to offer with that bait?”

“For the ultimate purpose of every business letter simmers down to this:  The reader of this letter wants certain things.  The desire for them is, consciously or unconsciously, the dominant idea in his mind all the time.  You want him to do a certain definite thing for you.  How can you tie this up to the thing he wants, in such a way that the doing of it will bring him a step nearer to his goal?”

“Study your reader.  Find out what interests him.  Then study your proposition to see how it can be made to tie in with that interest.”

“Find the thing your prospect is interested in and make it your point of contact, rather than rush in and try to tell him something about your proposition, your goods, your interests.”

Figuring out what my prospect really wants, is thinking about all the time, is something I need to spend more time pondering.  Once I know what their deep desire is I can then determine what “bait” will be best match what I have to offer to that desire.

The Robert Collier Letter Book