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The Best Book Ever Written on Internet Marketing

Today I listened to episode 198 of the podcast.  It was an interview with Michael Fishman.  In it he talked about a book that he says transformed the way he does business.  Joe and Dean also talked very highly of the book.  It is called Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.  I looked for the book on Amazon and you can only get it used for like $250 . . .  I checked with my library to see if I could check it out.  I can’t but they are doing an interlibrary loan so hopefully I can get it that way.  So I will write a post about it after I read it.

Starting Social

I’m going to sign up for the major social media accounts.  I may not end up using them but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to set the accounts up.  I also signed up for a gmail account.  This venture into local SEO is quite interesting and fun.  Looking forward to getting the results.

Which Social Media Platforms Should I Use?

I’m trying to decide which social media platforms would be best to use for  Here are the ones I’m contemplating:


Possibly Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram but I don’t want to spend too much time on multiple platforms.  It would be nice to figure out a way to determine on which platforms the target market is spending the most time on.


Keyword Research

I’m starting the process of keyword research.  In class, we have learned the process but it seems that we went over it so quickly that I can’t remember the steps well.  I’m going back through it and asking questions from my peers so I can gain a better grasp of it.  My task right now is to discover which 10-20 keywords I should be targeting.

Starting a Business

For some reason today I had a strong feeling that I want to start a business.  Not immediately, but I am going to start working towards that goal.  I don’t have a business idea in mind but I have read enough and studied enough to know that owning a business is the route I want to go.  I want to own a business that throws off enough excessive cash flow that I can invest it in real estate.

Owning a business consumes a crazy amount of time but I love the thrill of it.  I have seen it in other business owners that it has a life of its own.  There is adventure and excitement as one builds their business.  There are extreme highs and extreme lows.  I understand all of this but I want to move forward anyway.  This is something I am currently missing in my life.
I am going to start thinking about what kind of business I want to have before I come up with the idea.  I want to create my lifestyle design first and then find a business model that will fit with that design.

Positive Bank Account

I watched this video tonight from called The Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing.  One of the takeaways for me is that when we create a great piece of content we can’t expect to have a lot of people converting right away from that one post or video.  Rand says that on average it takes at least 7.5 visits before someone will take the next step.  The biggest piece of the pie awaits those who can consistently put out great content over a long period of time allowing people to connect again and again and move forward with wanting to connect with our brand.

Six Essentials to a Good Letter

From chapter 9 of the Robert Collier Letter book here are the six essential elements to a good letter.

1.  The opening which gets the readers attention.
2.  The description which pictures your proposition to the reader.
3.  The motive which creates a longing in the reader’s mind for what you are selling.
4.  The proof which offers to the reader proof of the truth of your statements.
5.  The snapper which gets immediate action.
6.  The close which tells the reader just what to do and how to do it.


One reason why anyone reads a letter

There is just one reason why any one ever reads a letter you send him. He expects a reward.” Collier, Robert (2013-12-25). The Robert Collier Letter Book

I read chapter 8 tonight of The Robert Collier Letter Book.  I’m assuming this same thought process would apply for writing a blog post or an email newsletter.  The one reason that anyone would read it is that they are expecting a reward.  That gives me something to think about as I create content for my readers.  Having a great reward is very important.

Make it so plain and easy he will not have a reason for not ordering.”


Teaching others

This evening a friend of mine who is in college was asking me a bunch of questions about business and life.  He asked, “what are you really good at?”  I told him ping-pong but that wasn’t a great way to make money.  I then went on to explain that although I am not really good at marketing, it is something that I am very passionate about.  I love to read about marketing.  I love to talk about marketing.  I love to think about marketing.  I pulled out my iPad and opened up the Kindle app to show him some of my books.  I have a few fiction novels on there but most of them are business/marketing books.  I sounded kind of nerdy but I explained that I get just as excited, if not a lot more, reading books on marketing as I do for a fun non-fiction book.

It was fun though to teach him a little of what I have learned so far about marketing.  I wish I knew a lot more.  I wish I could speak more from my own experiences but that will come with time.  10 years from now when I have a similar conversation with someone else I will be able to share war stories from my own campaigns.

It is a fun journey.