A picture is worth a thousand drawings

mona lisa

Chapter 4 of The Robert Collier Letter Book is about creating word pictures.  Descriptions worded so carefully that it makes your reader want what you are offering.   Here are some of my favorite passages from the chapter.

“Lead him gently from one point of interest to another, with word pictures so clear, so simple, that he can almost see the things you are offering him.”

“put your idea across, to make him see it as you see it-in short, to visualize it so clearly that he can build it piece by piece in his own mind as a child builds a house of blocks, or puts together the pieces of a picture puzzle.”

“The method of registering those impressions lies in first picking something with which he is familiar, and building on that.”

“use a simile that will strike a familiar chord with everyone.”

“Put life into your descriptions-life, and when possible, a smile.  Give your reader something that will stir him out of his indifference, arouse his emotions.”

“Get the story back of your product.  Give your reader a laugh or a tear or a lump in his throat.  Stir up his emotions! You will have no trouble interesting him then.”

Do you know anyone who is a master of using smilies when they write or talk?  I do.  It is fun to listen to them because the say the simile and then I pause to let it register and then smile when I realize how it ties into the conversation.  I haven’t developed that skill yet but I can see how valuable it would be in marketing and in conversation to have a hand full of them that could be woven into the conversation.