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One reason why anyone reads a letter

There is just one reason why any one ever reads a letter you send him. He expects a reward.” Collier, Robert (2013-12-25). The Robert Collier Letter Book

I read chapter 8 tonight of The Robert Collier Letter Book.  I’m assuming this same thought process would apply for writing a blog post or an email newsletter.  The one reason that anyone would read it is that they are expecting a reward.  That gives me something to think about as I create content for my readers.  Having a great reward is very important.

Make it so plain and easy he will not have a reason for not ordering.”


Teaching others

This evening a friend of mine who is in college was asking me a bunch of questions about business and life.  He asked, “what are you really good at?”  I told him ping-pong but that wasn’t a great way to make money.  I then went on to explain that although I am not really good at marketing, it is something that I am very passionate about.  I love to read about marketing.  I love to talk about marketing.  I love to think about marketing.  I pulled out my iPad and opened up the Kindle app to show him some of my books.  I have a few fiction novels on there but most of them are business/marketing books.  I sounded kind of nerdy but I explained that I get just as excited, if not a lot more, reading books on marketing as I do for a fun non-fiction book.

It was fun though to teach him a little of what I have learned so far about marketing.  I wish I knew a lot more.  I wish I could speak more from my own experiences but that will come with time.  10 years from now when I have a similar conversation with someone else I will be able to share war stories from my own campaigns.

It is a fun journey.

Doing the Hard Part

Great post by Seth today.

Success comes from doing the hard part. When the hard part is all you’ve got, you’re more likely to do it.”

I need to focus more.  I have too many plates spinning.  I need to let some of those plates drop and break so I can focus on the one that matters most and will have the biggest results.